Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Other Vegetarian Restaurant

Near Washington Square Park there are two fake meat vegetarian restaurants... Vegetarian Paradise Two and Red Bamboo. Three times previously I have gone down there to eat fake meat and see a movie at the IFC. I always wanted to try Red Bamboo but it inevitably had a line and Vegetarian Paradise Two did not. The people I go to see movies with are usually late and thus we are on a severe time schedule with no time to wait in line before eating. On Sunday I took my brother Dave down there just to try the fake meat(after seeing the Nutcracker). I figured that way, with nowhere to go, it wouldn't matter if we had to wait. But we didn't have to wait at all. Red Bamboo was very different. The staff were younger and more college studentish than at Vegetarian Paradise two. They were also significantly less Asian. When I used to pass Red Bamboo, I would note how much more hipsterish the establishment was. From the inside this was even more noticeable. They were playing Modest Mouse when we entered, and the Violent Femmes when we left. The couple to my right were talking about long distance relationships and relationships where it was too early to say I love you and all this stuff that I guess some people (real people?) talk about. The couple to my left was talking about food, but real hipsterish food. But since many of these details were one time things, I should describe what was specific about the restaurant. I guess the most important part about a restaurant is food, and I would say that Veg. Par. 2 had the better food... but the host at Red Bamboo was just attractive enough that I would go back there again, if there wasn't a line. I should have complimented him on his cool hoodie.