Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shows and Musicals: 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged but I’m starting back up again.  This is primarily because I’m going on an awesome, globe-trotting vacation and partially work-related trip over the next three and a half months and I want to document it.  It starts today, and details will follow in a subsequent post, but in the spirit of documentation, I wanted to first return to my yearly feature on the shows and musicals I’ve seen.  This is for 2011 and is about 8 months late, so it will be a bit bare bones… a short list of all the shows I saw in 2011 (there were 69 of them) and the films I saw in 2011 (there were 6 of them) in the order that I liked them.  If a show was seen more than once during the year the total number of viewings is indicated in parenthesis.
Shows and Musicals 2011:

1.) The Book of Mormon (2)
2.) The School for Lies (2)
3.) Good People
4.) How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (3)
5.) Sons of the Prophet
6.) Venus in Fur
7.) Anything Goes (3)
8.) Asuncion
9.) Godspell
10.) Other Desert Cities
11.) Herman Kline’s Mid-life Crisis
12.) War Horse
13.) The Submission
14.) The Importance of Being Earnest
15.) Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
16.) Lysistrata Jones
17.) Driving Miss Daisy
18.) The Divine Sister
19.) Unnatural Acts
20.) Horse Dreams
21.) Sister Act (2)
22.) The Normal Heart
23.) Born Yesterday
24.) Follies
25.) Arcadia
26.) All’s Well that Ends Well
27.) Master Class
28.) Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
29.) Seminar
30.) Mary Poppins
31.) Completeness
32.) Ka
33.) Million Dollar Quartet
34.) Molora
35.) Chinglish
36.) Temporal Powers
37.) The Shagg’s Philosophy of the World
38.) Spiderman: Turn off the Dark
39.) The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to…
40.) The People in the Picture
41.) Measure for Measure
42.) Milk Like Sugar
43.) Death Takes a Holiday (2)
44.) The Bus
45.) The Mother Fucker With the Hat
46.) The Dream of the Burning Boy
47.) The House of Blue Leaves
48.) Catch Me if You Can
49.) Queen of the Mist
50.) The Phantom of the Opera
51.) The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore
52.) Man and Boy
53.) The New York Idea
54.) Suicide, Incorporated
55.) A Free Man of Color
56.) The Illusion
57.) The Road to Qatar
58.) The Select (The Sun Also Rises)
59.) Olive and the Bitter Herbs
60.) Jerusalem
61.) Ghetto Klown
Films  in 2011:
1.) The King’s Speech
2.) Blue Valentine
3.) Magic Trip
4.) Tin Tin
5.) I Love You Philip Morris
6.) Contagion