Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cycles or 2010: Shows and Movies

I was reading some of the old posts on my blog and I realized two things: First, life is cyclical. It can be hard to piece it all together but I've got it mostly figured. For instance, every once in a while I get a haircut that is way shorter than I intended.

The second thing I learnt is that their is a spell check for blog pots, which eye will try and use more oftener.

Finally, in the spirit of this post, I wanted to again rank the movies, plays and musicals I saw this past year. The majority are no longer out, but there were some really good ones. The color key is the same as last year:

1.) La Cage aux Folles
2.) Clybourne Park
3.) Fellowship!

4.) Brief Encounter
5.) Angels in America: Perestroika
6.) Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

7.) The Merry Wives of Windsor
8.) The Orphan’s Home Cycle: Part I

9.) The Orphan’s Home Cycle: Part III
10.) The Orphan’s Home Cycle: Part II

11.) The Glass Menagerie
12.) The Divine Sister
13.) The Aliens
14.) The Burnt Part Boys

15.) If it only even Runs a Minute IV

16.) Finian’s Rainbow

17.) South Pacific

18.) Lombardi
19.) Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

20.) The Scottsboro Boys
21.) The Merchant of Venice
22.) The Creditors
23.) Lend Me a Tenor
24.) Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

25.) Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
26.) A Little Night Music

27.) The Pitmen Painters

28.) Promises, Promises
29.) Everyday Rapture
30.) Dr. Knock or the Triumph of Medicine
31.) American Idiot

32.) Wicked (in San Francisco)
33.) Memphis
34.) The Kid

35.) The Pride

36.) Mrs. Warren’s Profession
37.) Happy Now
38.) Present Laughter

39.) Frog Kiss
40.) La Bete
41.) The History of War
42.) The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
43.) Rock of Ages
44.) The Sneeze
45.) In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play
46.) The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wow! I saw 46 shows in 2010. Movies follow. These are only the movies I saw in theaters, and since there are so few of them, I'll include some thoughts.

1.) True Grit: I really loved the little girl!
2.) The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus: Andrew Garfield is very handsome!
3.) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: I loved Kieran Culkin's character!
4.) I Killed My Mother: Technically, I couldn't understand this movie. I saw it in Greece. It was in Quebecoise French with Greek subtitles. I really enjoyed it though!
5.) The Secret of Kells: Let's just say that this movie doesn't portray Scandinavians in the best light.
6.) Inception
7.) The Kids Are All Right
8.) The End of Poverty?
9.) Tron: Legacy

10.) Up in the Air
: This sucked! I hated it bad!

Monday, January 17, 2011

On Boston and Asians

It's pretty much undisputed that San Francisco is better than Boston. It has better weather, for instance, and it also has a better ballet company. If you still aren't convinced, consider San Francisco even has wild parrots. Boston, on the other hand, doesn't; it only has a lot of funny sounding Red Sox fans and also the Cheers bar. But despite its ratings success, Cheers was a mediocre television show. And whatever mistakes the Olsen twins have made in their lives, they were adorable toddlers.

San Francisco is simply more diverse... less than half of its residents are white. In Boston the number of white residents rises to 'more than half.' As part of this diversity, San Francisco also has something called Asians, a group of people virtually unheard of in Boston. Now that I'm done trashing Boston, which I loathe, I'll segway into a discussion on Asians.

In the Inner Richmond, we used to live down the street from an Asian dessert place. It served waffles and ice cream with lots of fruit. One time I went there but without my Asian friends. My Indian mother and black Uncle and I awkwardly ordered waffles whilst the late-night, all Chinese high school student clientelle stared us down.

Then there was my friend Mavis. Mavis was one of my first really good 'adult' friends. By adult, I mean that she's not in her twenties. I have to clarify because I know a lot of readers have gutter minds. I met Mavis when I started work at my college cafeteria during the Spring of my freshman year. Ever since she's done whatever she could to help me out. When I needed a place to stay while doing Summer research she found it for me. She always hooked me up with t-shirts and sweatshirts and jackets from the Chinese New Year parade. I always received a lot of lucky money from her.

Mavis recently bought a house near SF State University. The house was condemned and was completely unlivable at the time of purchase. In the photos her husband showed me the entire front of the house was boarded up, the walls had a lot of graffiti, the bathroom was yellow and moldy and there were fraying electrical wires everywhere. Therefore, they bought it for the bargain price of $400,000. Anyway, I really miss her.

In conclusion, Boston sucks.